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Who Invented The Vacuum Cleaner?

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One of the most widely used devices today is the vacuum cleaner. There are vacuums in all different shapes and sizes. They are used for home use, around the house or in the workshop. They are also used in the industrial field where they clean work areas of debris while a person is cutting an item or even after the process is done. There are air pump models that create a vacuum type suction and cyclone models as well. Found out more about the inventors by reading on.

Daniel Hess's carpet cleanerDaniel Hess’s carpet cleaner, Patent US29077, July 10th, 1860 .

Daniel Hess

Daniel Hess is noted for the first type of vacuum cleaner invented. It was created in 1860 and it was not called a vacuum cleaner but instead it was called a carpet sweeper. Yes, even in 1860 and being the first of its kind, the carpet sweeper actually had a rotating brush similar to today’s vacuum cleaners. The carpet sweeper had a mechanism on top that contained bellows to create suction. Daniel Hess received a patent in 1860 for his invention.

Ives W. McGaffey's sweeping machine, patented on June 8th, 1869Ives W. McGaffey’s sweeping machine, Patent US91145 A.

Ives W. McGaffey

1868 in Chicago, Illinois the first manually driven cleaner that incorporated the principles of vacuum was invented by Ives W. McGaffey. He called it the “Whirlwind”. This vacuum was compact and lightweight. However it was quite difficult to use due to the need of turning a hand crank, while pushing the vacuum across the floor. This did not stop people from purchasing this machine.

Melville R. Bissell & his wife, AnnaMelville R. Bissell & his wife, Anna.

Sold in Boston & Chicago

The Whirlwind was sold by The American Carpet Cleaning Co., based out of Boston; it was sold for just $25. It is difficult determining how successful the vacuum was because the majority of them were sold in Boston and Chicago. There are only two of its kind that survive, the rest were destroyed in the Great Chicago Fire.

Melville Bissell

Everyone knows of the name Bissell. The first vacuum cleaner created by Melville Bissell was done in 1876 out of Michigan. He created the vacuum for his wife to get the sawdust out of the carpet. A short time later, the Bissell Carpet Sweepers company was developed. When Melville died in 1889 unexpectedly, his wife took over the business.

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