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Who Invented The Tank?

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The massively armored vehicle known as a Tank was deployed during the first World War. Because, there were so many issues involving trench warfare, the response was to send over this new mechanized type of weapon to assist the troops already stationed there. This tank was big and bulky and had many limits to what it could do, but the protection that it provided the troops would give them an edge in the battle.

Schematics of the Levavasseur projectSchematics of the Levavasseur project. Designed in 1903 by the French Captain Levavasseur.

With more wars, the tank got upgraded

The beginning of the Second World War, the tank has been upgraded and was now a more technological weapon for soldiers. Cold War tanks began to be an important part of the battle itself. Even today the tank is called the founder of all land combat disputes.

The origin of tanks

Prior to the creation of the tank, an armored car was used. This wasn’t a very effective option, as it could only travel freely on even terrain. The invention of this armored tank helped to solve that issue. Tanks were made to travel over any terrain that it was targeted with. The armored car did have limits; this made the creation of a tank a vital success in war.

Hornsby paraffin-fuelled, tracked tractor by David RobertsHornsby paraffin-fuelled, tracked tractor by David Roberts.

The original purpose

Originally, the idea for this tank was going to be used as a device for unusual situations only. It had a single goal, to reach the enemy’s area and breach the enemy’s lines. The tank could receive a direct hit from artillery, and the repeated shots of machine guns. The driver and the troops inside were safe from harm.

The first project

In the year of 1903, a French Captain, Levavasseur, proposed a project to create a tank that would work with the same system as a caterpillar did. It would literally self-propel itself and would provide 100% armor protection. This was to be known as the Levavasseur Design Project. However, this idea was scratched in 1908, as they discovered that a similar product had already been invented by engineer David Roberts.

British Mark I "male" tank, 1916The first British tank, called Mark I “male” tank. © Ernest Brooks.

Made of steel

The tanks were made of steel that was very strong and the frameworks were meant to provide the maximum weight load and safety. By creating this caterpillar design, the tank could move and adapt to the different shapes of the landscape. Several years later in 1911, a couple of tanks were designed and developed by several Austrian’s. Günther Burstyn and Engineer Lancelot Mole were the creators of newly designed models for the tank. However, they were rejected from the government administrations in charge at the time.

The Boirault machineThe Boirault machine, big & bulky.

The first tank was a tractor

By the years of 1914 and 1915, an experiment was in the works with a Boirault device machine. This proved to be way too fragile to be effective. Ruston & Hornsby continued to progress his development with the caterpillar tractor/tank. Hornsby then decided to sell the patents to Holt. The British Royal Offices bought a tractor from Holt and began to redesign it to meet the needs of a tank. Once it was outfitted with the appropriate armor, it was presented to their soldiers as a tractor that was capable of carrying massive guns. The tanks that we have now in this century has come a long way from taking a base of a tractor and developing it into a tank. It is now a multi billion dollar industry. Many of our past wars were successful because of our tanks.

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