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Who Invented The Stapler?

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Paper is a necessity in life, you can’t do anything without filing something out on paper and often times you need to do multiple papers that need to be connected together. How would you go about doing such a thing? Why, use a stapler of course! Staplers have been around the block since before you could even talk properly and are still some of the most used devices known to man. They don’t even have any electronically attached devices to them like so many other inventions of the day and age, unless there’s something we don’t know, but we digress. Who invented this useful tool and when? Let’s find that out.

Device for Inserting Metallic-Staples in Paper (US 212316 A)McGill’s patent: Device for Inserting Metallic-Staples in Paper (US 212316 A).

George W. McGill

The first time a stapler would ever be known to exist in it’s purest form was in the 18th century. It was recorded that the King of France at the time, Louis used a device such as this that fastened together his personal seal. No one knows how he got a hold of such a device but he had one nonetheless. By 1866, a man named George W. McGill created a very small but also bendable device that could fasten papers together like a book.

McGill Single-Stroke Staple PressMcGill Single-Stroke Staple Press. Patented on February 18th, 1879.

Brass clip to hold the papers together

Not long after creating that special fastener, he would create a follow-up invention that allowed him to add in a very interesting looking brass clip that would attach all the papers together and be hard to break apart upon use. It would not be until 1879 that he was able to patent this product for commercial use but once it was, it became a popular phenomenon for people all around who needed to find ways to keep all of their files and papers in order. The product was named the McGill Single-Stroke Staple Press.

It only carried one clip at a time

But the thing is, it was not the kind of stapler we know of today, not even close. Their version could only carry one clip at a time. Why? because it was very small at just 2 and a half pounds. With today’s stapler, not only is it much bigger but it carries in it multiple clips at one time allowing you to get paper put together more efficiently with fewer stops in between. The stapler continues to help us well into the 21st century.

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