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Who Invented The Shoe?

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Shoes have actually been around for thousands and thousands of years. You can’t say that shoes were “invented” so much as they have “evolved” beyond certain specifications that made them different back then than they are today. Various citizenry from all over the world throughout history had some sort of leather that they put on their feet in order to make walking around less of a hassle and less of a danger to your feet. The only different is that, the way in which we make these foot covering today is vastly different then the way we did it over 40,000 years ago.

Thomas Beard

The earliest shoemakers for the modern day of shoe creation, was Thomas Beard. He lived in Salem, Massachusetts, yes the same one with the witches. He would not only create a more modern flare of a shoe but he would also set up shop within Salem where he’d get employees to create and restock the amount he had each and every day. The process of making shoes was actually all done by hand until the year 1833, so, there was a lot of work involved in creating all the different pairs of shoes you’d find in a store at the time.

Then the machines came in

Thomas Beard would continue to make and sell shoes in Salem for the rest of his days and by the time we reached the industrial age, in the middle 1800s, we developed new technologies to help us manufacture shoes not by the hands of man but by the hands of machines. As time went on, the machines got smarter and able to handle more and more styles of shoes as well as leathering and it quickly became the only way in which shoes would be made on massive scales.

Things got better over time

Materials and other aspects of creating shoes have gone nowhere but up since the old days. Now, different sizes, looks and styles of shoes are created based on the sole representation of what the consumer wants out of their shoe. But whatever the need may be, you’ll find a shoe that matches the quality you need in footwear. Just be glad you weren’t around during ancient times or you’d just be putting on a piece leather that feels… very uncomfortable.

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