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Who Invented The Rocket?

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The rocket, is arguably, one of the world’s most recognizable and greatest achievements. The rocket took the human race’s desire to visit space and made it a reality. We may take the invention for granted today because we witness rocket launching quite often, but when the rocket was first invented it was recognized as a major leap in invention. If you are interested in learning about the history of the rocket, and those involved in inventing it, read on for some interesting information and facts!


The exact person responsible for the first rocket is unknown, but what historians do know is that rocket experiments began taking place in Germany during World War II. During the war, scientists were tasked with working on rocket technology in hopes that they would be able to successfully launch a rocket into space. Historians don’t know for sure, but according to records found from German labs, the first rocket was launched during the war towards the end of 1942. If their records were accurate, the first rocket reached space in October of that year.

R-7 and Sputnik

The war delayed further experimentation with rockets, and a lot of the research from German scientists was lost after Germany’s defeat. It wasn’t until after the war that other countries began to seriously work on rocket technology. During the 1950’s, America and the Soviet Union entered into the space race, and they tried to outdo each other in all areas of space exploration, including that of rocket technology.

The USSR made a head start

The USSR officially gained a head start when they successfully launched a rocket (they named the rocker “R-7”) in 1957. The rocket had Sputnik 1 attached to it, a satellite, so that they could confirm the rocket launch was complete, and so they could use to the satellite to send and track missiles. Not one scientist is associated with having created the rocket in any country’s history with the rocket, but it is clear that the German, Russian, and American scientific communities were greatly involved in rocket creation.