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Who Invented The Refrigerator?

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It’s hard to imagine life without a fridge, let alone all of the other compartments that make up your entire refrigerator. We’ve lived our lives amongst this iceboxes, always referring to it whenever we are hungry and taking great lengths to ensure that it be filled up at all times with your favorite foods, drinks, what say you. Most would take it or leave it when it comes down to the history of this essential device because well, history doesn’t feed them or maintain their food!

Carl Von Linden

But sometimes it’s worth knowing where this thing came from, because it’ll make you think a little more about something you never knew, which is all the more reason to start from the beginning with our old pal, the refrigerator. The first time a refrigerator was conceptualized was in 1876 by a man named Carl Von Linden, an engineer from Germany. His first efforts would eventually lead to the way we use our fridge in modern times.

William Cullen

Although he would be responsible for its initial creation, there was a man nearly a hundred years earlier that developed the means to create such a device, his name was William Cullen. He would create the process of cooling down material by means that were artificial. Unfortunately for him, the idea did not take off, though notes were taken and the applications created by Cullen would be utilized later on. By 1804, Oliver Evans created the design of a refrigerator but it would not be built or at least, not appear in public until 1834.

Jacob Perkins

It was by this time that Jacob Perkins had already invented the earliest form of the refrigerator which would be seen as the backdrop to the modern version we know and love today. Eventually all of the concepts created by these varying inventors would lead in to Carl Von Linden’s eventual patent on the refrigerator. By 1876, the idea was patented, created, and used across the country and it wasn’t until 1920 that the modern fridge came to be. Despite some initial problems dealing with accidents and ammonia, the overall diagnosis was an obvious success.

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