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Who Invented The Kite?

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The kite is a popular toy that was created centuries ago. The designs and purpose of the kite has changed since its creation. Once used for military purposes as well as toys and even battle flags. Kites have been around for about 2,300 years! With the age of the kite being so old, the original inventor has been lost. However there are signs that point to several different regions where the kite may have been created. The see just who might have created the kite just keep reading.

Early Chinese kiteEarly Chinese kite.


China is the country most widely noted for the invention of kites. Their kites were made usually from silk or wood. China is most noted because of their written records and art displaying the kite. According to some legends, a farmer was the inventor of the kite. He had supposedly tied his hat to his head to keep it come flying away. However in the 5th century BC, there was a master of joinery that developed a kite that was capable of lifting a man, it was named the Wooden Black Eared Kite.

Japanese kite festivalJapanese kite festival.


Buddhist monks brought kites to Japan from China around the 7th century. Their primary purpose was to avert evil spirits and to insure rich harvests. However, most Japanese played it simply because they were fun.


There has been some evidence that kites were flown in Malaysia. They were nothing spectacular but they did the job. They consisted of leafs or a single large leaf that was tethered by a string or line of some kind. Their purpose was mainly for joy from what can be told of them. However in some of the islands south east of Asia, kites were created from multiple leaves and were used for fishing. They are also the inventors of the diamond kite that is most common today. Traders and explorers discovered them when they were used by natives. It was these people that brought the diamond design back to Western Europe.

Other possible inventors

The Greeks have also been mentioned as a possible inventor of the kite. There is also the idea of the aborigines of the South Sea Islands that have been credited for the first kite as well. Unfortunately these cannot be proven. However, the Romans used the idea of kites with their battle flags. They were used to tell wind direction, not long after words it is thought that roman engineers added lengths of string to fly the kite socks.