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Who Invented The Helicopter?

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The modern helicopter resembles some of the ideas documented and drawn by Leonardo Da Vinci, which many historians believe to be the origin of the helicopter. The real inventor of the helicopter is usually credited to Igor Sikorsky. His design would be influential to his own work with helicopters, and the work of others years later. Many others are credited with being involved in the creation of the helicopter, and the following is a brief summary of some key people and events associated with the creation of the helicopter.

Gustave Ponton D’Amecourt

Gustave Ponton D’Amecourt from France is the first person to come up with the name for helicopters. He combined two French words, “helico” (meaning spiral) and “pter” (meaning wings). Ponton was inspired by the drawings of Da Vinci, and by the experiments involving helicopters that were beginning to be explored during his lifetime.

Paul Cornu and Etienne Oehmichen

Both of these men were responsible for experiments involving helicopters. Cornu designed a helicopter, but was unable to get it to fly. Later, Etienne Oehmichen tried to fly a helicopter in 1924. His helicopter was able to fly one kilometer, but Oehmichen was unable to get it to fly further.

Igor Sikorsky

The father of helicopters is most definitely Igor Sikorsky. He was not the first person to design the helicopter, but he was the first person to design a helicopter that would successfully fly years later. In Russia, Sikorsky worked on model helicopters for both the Russian and United States Army. He called his first model the VS-300, and his model was the first single-rotor helicopter.

It didn’t just went up and down

Beyond the fact that Sikorsky’s helicopter could fly, his helicopter could maneuver up and down, sideways, and more. Sikorsky was never fully satisfied with his work, and he continued to work on improvements that bettered his design. Many other people made improvements and new model helicopters that successfully took flight, but without these three men, and the origin of the idea from Da Vinci, the helicopter may never have taken to the sky.

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