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Who Invented The Guitar?

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The most commonly used instrument known to mankind would have to be that of the guitar. It’s so widely used and popular not because of any form of elegance but because it’s actually extremely easy to pick up and use. None of the music that you hear today, or even yesterday for that matter, would ever sound anything close to what you hear it as had any form of a guitar not been used to push the sound of the track forward. Despite the excessive popularity of the instrument, a question some of even the most renowned musical practitioners have asked is: “Who invented the Guitar?” Well, let’s start from the beginning.

Antonio Torres JuradoAntonio Torres Jurado, inventor of modern day acoustic guitar.

Gaetano Vinaccia

The year was 1779, a man of Neapolitan decent who went by the name of Gaetano Vinaccia created the guitar in its earliest form. Of course, the reason he made this new device was because his family was already known greatly for their crafting of mandolins and he wanted to try something a little different with the mandolin formula. So in reality, this guitar was actually a mandolin in its first stage of play.

Guitar made by TorresGuitar made by Torres (1862).

Antonio Torres Jurado

It wasn’t until the 1850’s that this new “mandolin” would start to become its own instrument when a man named Antonio Torres Jurado, from Spain, would add on his own attachments to the instrument to help differentiate itself from the mandolin name and become its own thing, known as a guitar. Therefore, Spain is where the guitar was first noted as being its own instrument and being strikingly utilized to help define the Spanish culture and its musical endeavors.

The electric guitar

Of course, the attachments would not end with Jurado as much later in the year 1936 a man named George Beauchamp would take the same concepts implemented by Jurado but would take it a step further by creating the electric guitar. The electric guitar is what gives songs that very interesting sound you hear so much of all the time in hit material by the world’s most popular artists and bands, and believe it or not it all started in a small shop by a mandolin inventor, go figure.

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