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Who Invented The Flute?

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Just like pretty much every old instrument out there, the flute is no different in the fact that we don’t know who specifically created it. We can only give you names on the person who improved it to the point that we know it today. But know this, the flute is actually the oldest instrument in the entire world, at least in the known world, between 42,000 and 43,000 years old. It was with these known facts though that we can only come to the conclusion that one person improved upon what we had initially and didn’t actually create it.

Mammoth ivory flute is the oldest flute in the world (as of 2012)Mammoth ivory flute is the oldest flute in the world (as of 2012), 42,000 – 43,000 years old.© BBC.

The person that made the most improvement

Parts of the flute that didn’t exist prior to these improvements were the finger holes for you to actually stop the air from escaping certain areas, changing how the bore in the flute operated, adding in the key system, building them out of metal, and overall making it an established flute with respectable qualities. These improvements were done by a man named Theobald Boehm. He is often cited and given the most credit for the inception of the flute.

Theobald BoehmTheobald Boehm, around 1852.

About Theobald Boehm

He is the one that turned the wood stick with holes in it into a working, wonderful instrument that we’ve all come to know and love as one of our own. He was inspired to make this version of the flute because he worked as a goldsmith of sorts, so they made livings out of improving things to be more to the lining of honorable individuals. He started improving his own flute from 1832 and even patented it in 1847. In the same year, he published a book titled Über den Flötenbau (“On the construction of flutes”). He would make these improvements with specialized metals and other applications that would just make the experience of playing with your flute all the more easy and achievable.

He was a music enthusiast

His improvements actually made the flute a playable instrument, go figure. Had he not made the improvements, the whole concept would have either gone into a different direction or died out a long time ago. But, being the musical enthusiast that he was, he wanted to see to it that the flute be restructured and set upon the correct path for all to endow. Now, we can keep a tune all hours of the day if we need to.

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