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Who Invented The Chewing Gum?

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Like many ideas in the world, the concept of chewing gun has been around since before any one of was born, including historical figures. It is widely speculated that the concept was even around during ancient times within our oldest civilizations. But it was not truly invented until a man named Thomas Adams made a mistake. That’s right, chewing gum was invented purely by an accident.

Thomas AdamsThomas Adams, the man who invented the chewing gum.

Thomas Adams

In 1869, we meet our friend Thomas Adams, cited as the creator of chewing gum/bubble gum. He was attempting to create some sort of rubber inducing products with the help of a chicle. Earlier that year, a friend of Tom had shown him an interesting form of elastic sap from what was known as a sapodilla tree. This sap had been chewed on by ancient Mayans thousands of years before. Adams wanted to take the concepts of this sap and create rubber based products like tires, toys and boots.

Adams Black Jack advertisingAdvertisement of an early Adams Black Jack chewing gum.

It didn’t work

He failed in his endeavor to create those substances and in his bored fury after the failure, he decided to chew on the substance. Hey if the Mayans did it, why couldn’t he? He would note after chewing on the sap that it was actually really good. It had a nice flavor and it was completely edible. He decided to add his own flavor to the substance and would start selling the sap at a penny for each one. Later in that same year, he would open up a factory that would mass produce this delicious tasting substance.

Chewing gum

By the year 1888, a name was given to the substance “Chewing gum” and a flavor was also put out there for all to see, “Tutti-Frutti”. It would be available for all to gain access to with vending machines and it was sold commercially in New York City all over but mostly in subway systems and other indoor locations. It would continue to be developed throughout the years with an outpouring of new flavors and awesome delights that would appease not only children but adults alike. This was all started by one man, a man who made a mistake.

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