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Who Invented The Calculator?

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Calculators are man’s best friend when it comes down to numbers, without that very useful tool we’d be stuck on some of the hardest equations known to man. Luckily someone had the right idea when they invented this very useful tool that stands the test of time. No math class can go without the help of one of these devices for the most obvious of reasons.

Blaise Pascal

The idea and original invention was made by a young man named Blaise Pascal, of French origin. The main reason why Pascal created the calculator was not to take the world of math by storm, that was actually far from what he wanted. He created it to help his dad handle taxes, since he was tax adjuster and all. He didn’t know this invention would suddenly take off into epic proportions, not at all.

Gottfried Leibniz and John Napier

The idea that Pascal left behind would eventually be picked up by Gottfried Leibniz. With a few improvements, he would add a number of different features to the device, putting in an addition, subtraction, multiplication, and even a divide button so there would be something here for all to use in order to solve some really hard problems. Later on another man named John Napier would invent another aspect to the calculator to be used. This new aspect was a multiplication based table that would make use of metal rods simply called “Napier’s Bones” in order to make the extra work involved in the multiplication tables better for everyone to use.

Made a world of difference

Calculators are really man’s gift to the world. Can you imagine there not being anything like that around? Our word’s growth would have taken so much longer to get where it is today without a calculator. Some of even the most genius minds had to make use of this device if they wanted to solve complex groupings of numbers. The calculator has evolved time and time again and it does just about any form of a an equation you can think of if you know how to use one properly, there’s a reason some students are allowed to use these devices on tests because without them, they’d be very stuck.

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