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Who Invented The Air Conditioner?

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Air conditioning, as an idea, has been around since the 1800s when an inventor named Michael Faraday learned that you could cool down the heated air around you if you condensed as well as liquefied certain in-air gases when you allowed the substances to evaporate into the air. It was a very complex idea with tons and tons of study and overall, the concept remained mostly speculative.

Willis Haviland CarrierWillis Haviland Carrier in 1915. Photo by Carrier Corporation.

Willis Haviland Carrier

Many years later, after a gap of people utilizing this theoretical concept, we meet a man by the name of Willis Haviland Carrier. Willis would be noted as the first man to take the concepts created by Faraday and produce the very first air conditioning unit, this was in 1902. He created this conditioner because the workers in a, funny enough, heat and humidity plant had to work in some very harsh conditions. So he made this device and put it to use for all of these men to cool them down.

How he came about inventing the AC?

The air conditioner would not only keep the men happy but it would also keep the heat from screwing around with the paper the men were working with. Nothing would mold and deteriorate if the air was maintained in quality cooling. When Carrier gave the head of this company his AC unit, he was hired onto the staff instantly and paid a lot more than other members of the staff at 10 dollars per week. Back then, that was a lot.

Willis Haviland Carrier with his first working chillerWillis Haviland Carrier with his first working chiller. Photo courtesy of Carrier Corporation.

Father of air conditioning

Carrier would go on to win all sorts of awards by the year 1906 for his contribution in air conditioning, and although the concept of air condition existed years before his time, he was still known as the “Father of Air conditioning”. Carrier would take this same concept and use it for future technology we hold most dear today. Not only for air conditioning but also the temperature control of refrigeration devices and overall coming up with a variety of ideas for people to keep their houses, foods, and other goodies intact and devoid of spoiling.

Air conditioning changed the world

If people are able to control the temperature of a room than that makes things a lot simpler on their part, and by the 1928, Carrier would develop the first, in-home air conditioner, which started an entirely new age of household care. Now a day, there are almost no homes without some sort of AC system installed within. Carrier created something for all of man to use during these ever changing weather conditions.

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