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Who Invented Soccer?

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It seems that the world owes a lot of our current inventions and sports to the Chinese. The game of cuju was played by the Chinese early in history, and it seems that this sport was the inspiration for modern day soccer. Many other cultures and people were involved with soccer, bringing it to its current state. Read on for some fascinating information on the history and development of soccer, a sport that is very popular all over the world.

Ming Dynasty painting by Du Jin showing girls playing cujuMing Dynasty painting by Du Jin showing girls playing cuju.

Early Soccer

As mentioned above, the Chinese seem to be the first culture responsible for the modern idea of soccer. The sport only has a few recognizable elements from the Chinese game of cuju, but it is without a doubt, an early precursor to soccer. Ancient Greeks and Romans also had a sport similar to soccer. All of these cultures and groups would use a ball that was made from animal skin, and was stuffed with various types of lightweight material so that the ball could be easily kicked. The game survived the fall of the Roman Empire, and medieval Europe played a version of soccer as well.

Representative match between England and Scotland in 1872Representative match between England and Scotland in 1872.

14th Century Europe

The game of soccer began to become more organized during the 14th century in England. This organization didn’t help to prevent supreme violence that was associated with the game, but during that century, the sport began to be used as exercise for young students, and it would be for this reason that the sport survived over so many years.

Modern Soccer

The form of modern soccer that we would be able to recognize today began in 1860s. The sport was a bit unorganized, but because of the growth in popularity, by 1863 a secure set of rules was established. The Football Association was also formed, and this association would help to establish soccer as a legitimate sport, and it eventually led to the formation of the World Cup Association that would host the World Cup Tournament every four years. Even though there is no specific inventor of soccer, soccer’s history suggest that just like the sport, the creation of it was the result of collaboration and team effort!

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