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Who Invented Schools?

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The idea and the execution of school has actually existed for thousands of years. Every civilization has always taken it upon themselves to consult their children in educational matters. Despite the fact it has been around that long though doesn’t take away from the time when school was officially organized and orchestrated into a clear-cut curriculum followed by people of all ages. This concept of schools and their systems were created by a man named Horace Mann. Educational historians call him the “Father of the Common School Movement”.

Horace MannIn 1837, Horace Mann started an organized education system.

Horace Mann

Horace was an educator and president of the Antioch College at Yellow Springs, Ohio, who came up with the idea of fully organized schools in the year 1837. The first real school system, which he developed, would be based in Lexington, Massachusetts. Now, despite the fact that he was the one responsible for creating what we know today as public schools, he was not the first person to come up with the idea of sitting down in a classroom amongst your peers.

He wasn’t the first

But he was the one who really patented the perception of how we utilize our schools in this day and age and it stretched outwards across the globe where most countries have also endorsed the concept of school and school systems. But, if want to go even more original with who invented school, then let’s go back to 1369, where it all truly started by a man named Harry P. School, and the original concept wasn’t really meant to enlighten any kids or education minded individuals.

The first school

When he built the first “school”, it was meant to be a place to take children and leave them if they were being bad, as a sort of punishment. So really, it started out exactly how kids perceive it today, a place no one wants to go. Eventually, School’s concept would employ an adult to look after the misbehaved children and well, everything that we know today would eventually come to pass.

Today’s education system

Today, school is a requirement in almost every country until a predetermined age as set forth by the law. And despite the fact that schooling has changed since the days of Horace Mann and Harry School, the ideas of punishment by Harry still survive today in school-based establishments like detention and being suspended. So, the concepts originally adopted were not totally abandoned.