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Who Invented Schools?

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The idea and the execution of school has actually existed for thousands of years. Every civilization has always taken it upon themselves to consult their children in educational matters. Despite the fact it has been around that long though doesn’t take away from the time when school was officially organized and orchestrated into a clear-cut curriculum followed by people of all ages. This concept of schools and their systems were created by a man named Horace Mann.

Horace MannHorace Mann started an organized eduction system in 1837.

Horace Mann

Horace was an educator and president of a college who came up with the idea of fully organized schools in the year 1837. The first real school system, which he developed, would be based in Lexington, Massachusetts. Now, despite the fact that he was the one responsible for creating what we know today as public schools, he was not the first person to come up with the idea of sitting down in a classroom amongst your peers.

He wasn’t the first

But he was the one who really patented the perception of how we utilize our schools in this day and age and it stretched outwards across the globe where most countries have also endorsed the concept of school and school systems. But, if want to go even more original with who invented school, then let’s go back to 1369, where it all truly started by a man named Harry P. School, and the original concept wasn’t really meant to enlighten any kids or education minded individuals.

The first school

When he built the first “school”, it was meant to be a place to take children and leave them if they were being bad, as a sort of punishment. So really, it started out exactly how kids perceive it today, a place no one wants to go. Eventually, School’s concept would employ an adult to look after the misbehaved children and well, everything that we know today would eventually come to pass.

Today’s education system

Today, school is a requirement in almost every country until a predetermined age as set forth by the law. And despite the fact that schooling has changed since the days of Horace Mann and Harry School, the ideas of punishment by Harry still survive today in school-based establishments like detention and being suspended. So, the concepts originally adopted were not totally abandoned.

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119 Comments on Who Invented Schools?
  1. brooke:

    Is the person who actualy invented schools because it is not fun and now they should get rid of it?how long did they go to school and who was the first person to go to school?

  2. admin:

    Hi Brooke,

    I don’t have any information on that but that is pretty much how things got started by Horace Mann.

  3. Brianna:

    thanks for the information . Me and my friend wanted to find out about it .

  4. Jacob:

    Well the researching is good but how did he did Brooke and Admin have any ideas

  5. kaleigh tyler:

    hey why did you start school i hate school hope you no everyone dose……

  6. brad:

    ummm this guys retarded math sucks and everything about school sucks how can my sister like it seriously like how

  7. andy:

    i hate this guy for inventing school

  8. Amy Nunez:

    I HATE SCHOOL!!!!!! so thanks a lot for ruining my life amd putting this place called “school” here for all us children to be miserable. this hell whole is a punishment

  9. Angelica Carrilo:

    My name is jelly and i hate school. I only like it becaus my boyfriend comes here and i get to play kissy face with him. If he wasnt here then i WOULDNT be here either. So just so you no my name is jelly agin.

  10. james:

    hi why was school invented its so bring and stuped

  11. carissa:

    thanks for the info but i hate school its to long and not fun at all when you are in 8th grade going into high school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Brittany:

    why did the person invent school whoever invented it should not be a person becasue no one likes that person and never will

  13. private:

    why does people half to be so stupid noone wants school dummy’s

  14. Nobody:

    OMG! This Horace Mann or Harry School or whoever was loco!! Nobody likes school,so like why??!!?

  15. Kaitey Bieber:

    i like justin bieber !!(: <3

  16. anthony:

    why did he invent school hes like the most hated person ever

  17. bob:

    i hate school

  18. Private123:

    Thanks have to do a science project on this

  19. glenford king:

    he always ask my teachers who invented school and y and now he got me wondering about him

  20. Chase:

    Why do we half to go to school? I mean my dad is about 40 and he doesn’t know anything. So whats the purpose if your probably gonna forgot ALL of it when you might forget all about it when you grow up. Not many jobs need math or science unless your planning to become a scientist. Excuse my spelling im only 11.

  21. private:

    i love school without it we will be dum

  22. admin:

    Hi Private,

    Finally, I got some positive feedback about school and yes, i love school too. Some of my happiest moments in life were when i was in school.

  23. Angelito:

    I like schools, but not when im failing. It cool to hear the history of schools. okay pues CTM

  24. jazmin:

    dear adimin’

    i think its cool that you like school well i do to. but you have to amite do u realy all the homework you get.but i like math. and if we didn’t have school we all would be dumb and have no job cause we don’t have a collage dagree.

  25. Snowy:

    Thanks for the info I was looking for this. I needed this for my school topic its called “A Bright Idea”
    its about inventors and scientists

  26. admin:

    HI Jazmin,

    School is really fun. When you finish school and start working, you will quickly realize how much fun school was. Homework maybe the hardest part but when you are working, everything is hard. To make matter worse, you got office politics and the occasional backstabbing isn’t nice either. My advice, enjoy while it last. You have the rest of your life to work and be on facebook.

  27. nelson:

    i just dont like school cause we stay there almost the whole day and when we come back we have to study.but i like the teachers and have lots of frends i dont mind listing to the teacher but not wasting my whole day there

  28. Princess:

    I dont like school but im happy to be there because we all need an education.

  29. Jaida:

    school is so boring i hate it this guy who invented it is soooo mean !!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:(

  30. sam:

    school is maybe the worst thing ever invented in middle school everyone expects you to be all grown up and perfect im in 7th grade im new to this school and all ready i have had to stay with pricipel all most everyday now and my math teacher called me a bitch and told my mom i called her a fat ass even though i didn’t she said i was late only because she saw me come the classroom last i still had 5 mins till the bell so yeah i hate you ass hole who invented school because of this “school” i have been sent to principes office 10 to 15 times for the past 3 months now so thanks for

  31. admin:

    Hi Sam,

    In your defense, you can always say that your hormones are hyper active and that is probably the reason you are a regular at the principle’s office. So, you can tell your teachers to chill out a bit, it is not your fault but your hormones.

  32. Tamour:


    and i also do not like dustbin beaver(justin beiber) the fool.

    thank you for reading this message.

  33. Makayla:

    i dont like you because you invented school

  34. taimur:

    thanks but why did you do that

  35. admin:

    Hi guys,

    Take it easy on Mr. Horace Mann. If Horace Mann didn’t invent school, I’m pretty sure somebody else would.

  36. Jada:

    Horace Mann You Are So Smart For Inventing School I Like The Class Lunch My Favorite Food Is Chicken Nugget Cause I Dont Got Nothing At Home To Eat And Got To Share With Mom And My Other 6 Brothers And Sister .

  37. Patrick:

    ‘No One Owns Eduction’ has been a writing I’m doing and this site is one I found for comparison to ‘NOOE’. I’ve been looking at the school and personel who ‘think’ they own education. ‘School’ cool last name. Later!

  38. James:

    Thanks a lot a hate you Horace man you’re the worst

  39. Regi:

    You sck horrace my girlfriend and I hate school you sck sooooo much
    :( XD not

  40. megan:

    i like sochool. Who does not like school? what the hell!

  41. Abigail Bieber:

    Why did horance invent school? why? what was he thinking?

  42. vicky:

    i dont like this guy because i hate school it sucks!!!!! thanks alot

  43. catherine Garcia:

    awwww…..but u guys should be grateful u guys have the chance to go to school ,when theres kids out their that cant even go…Think about this, dont u guys want a nice house, a nice car and get lots of money? ;)$$$$$ GO TO SCHOOL AND FINISH IT’LL BE WORTH IT AT THE END :)

  44. catherine:

    i love school

  45. admin:

    Hi Catherine,

    I’m with you, i love school too.

  46. Secret:

    I love math and reading but history and science but that much


    MY bf is so sweet i love school because we do fun projects and stuff pizza lunch every thursday and stuff so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Genius:

    For all of those who hate school, maybe you should go so you can learn how to spell

  49. rainbow unicorn:

    schools not that bad i mean like technical graphics is fun

  50. karl:

    Thanks! Now all i need is a time machine…

  51. benyamin:

    because of you i workt hard and i hate shool but i benecify for the one who invented vacation

  52. Poppy Marshall:

    Just be grateful you have a chance in life!

  53. super girl:

    I don’t see why you guys are compla ining about school some kids dont have the opportunity to get an education and be something in the world so be greatful you brats.

  54. Fun times:D:

    Awwh, you guys have started hating school and you are not even in highschool yet!! wait till you get to highschool. It’s torture. But I love school anyways because I got chance to be there. Thanks Cathrine, nice explanation!! If you guys hate school, then you are going to hate the rest of your lives, trust me. Try your best and succeed. No matter how strong you hate it, you can’t stop it anymore guys. You can do this!! take my advice.
    You’re all so cute for hating school(=’v'=). lol god luck!

  55. Jinx:

    We should of killed the person who invented this crap

  56. admin:

    Hi all,

    Well, it looks like some people do love school, just like i do. I definitely love school, learning and socializing and all, what is there not to like about school.

  57. Schoolio:

    I’m not saying I’m completely loving school right now. On most occasions I’m saying “This place is annoying as heck. Get me out of here as fast as you can!” But I’m not out to kill the person that invented it. Think about it. Most friends that you have right now, you have because of school. You wouldn’t be able to be on Facebook or the Internet, if you had not gone to school, because you wouldn’t be able to read or write or type. All those millionaires and billionaires out there right now, made that money because they were good at something that they loved and got a college degree in that. And that was possible only because they went to school

  58. Schoolio:

    And if you want to be a billionaire then stick with school my friends.

  59. Ashley:

    School might be stupid. But atleast it makes you smarter so you wont be dumb, And I know you probably dont want to hear this, But atleast we can count and speak. Because without school, we wouldnt be the person we are now. Thats the truth. Sorry, but its a good education. :) Btw, I hate school to, The only thing good is that you get to see your friends, (:

  60. Makenna Syles:):

    Hey people! School isnt my fav, but i actually like math! Its fun! And i like cheese! Mm… Yummy cheese! Im random:) now, bye!

  61. admin:

    Hi all,

    That’s more like it. Like or not, school is helpful and you benefit more than you think. And remember, you only get to do it once in your life.

  62. dan:

    we hate school why cant we just go for 2 hours

  63. Rileehammonds:

    I think that this man is very smart because he invinted something.That makes him smart.This is an 9 year old girl who is actually being smart than half of you.We would be dumb if we didn’t have school.So I gues half of you want to be dumb.Without collage we would not have an education.Plus you get to see your friends and family because half of you teens are always grounded because you don’t listen and you. Do bad things

  64. Jenny:

    I feel as if I should contribute some intelligent material to this article…just to prove people who succeed in this education system despise it just as much. I’m a Freshman in high school and might I say, I hate it. Absolutely abhor it. After reading this article I find it amusing that school was started as a sort of detention center. Everyone hated it then, everyone hates it now. Seems like it’s our instinct.

  65. admin:

    We are lacking positive attitude here guys and girls.


    SCHOOL is ok. it is good because we get education but seriously. We should not have 8 hours. That is wayyy to long.

  67. Private101:

    I defenetly hate school because I’m going to 7th grade and my sister and her friends says its the worst. I hate those guys who invented it and I want to kill them. If my life depended on school I would decide to go home schooled because to some people you’re home is a lot better plus my mom is wayyyy nicer then my sister mrs. Jones.>: ( by the way even though I hate school I’m still really smart. :( >: (??? Why invent school!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Taryn:

    I hate school it’s like a big fat turd why cant we just go somewhere special to see our friends that’s all I need basically I mean seriously lunch is like at 2:45 for me I’m starving by the time I get to lunch. Why doesn’t the government just shut down all the schools I mean killers aim for schools because it’s filled with kids I mean you know about sandy hook (The shooting) Sicko’s aim for schools to kill little kids and there’s so much bullying and you could get hurt badly by other kids. I think school shouldn’t go on for 4th grade it’s 3rd grade then we all stop school by the time we’re all 8-9-10 then we know everything we need. My #1 question is that why are we taught things we don’t need in the future like where all the states,Continents and countries are. I know we’ll all forget it by the time we’re like 14. I know we need SPELLING, Math and P.E. but the list of things you need in life stop there. I’m only 9 years old and I look pretty smart, Don’t I? It took me only 10 minutes to write this whole thing. Well I hope everyone understands me. A=A=P Advanced Bla Program. :D I’m advanced in my school, That’s how I have such good grammar. :)

  69. admin:

    I think i have enough of “i hate school” comments. I will not approve the next comment unless you have something positive to say about school. I’m pretty sure you guys have covered all of the bad stuff about school. So, now lets hear some of the good stuff.

  70. Jordan myers:

    I like school because I get to hang with my friends and my teachers are nice and I’m veryyyyy smart.

  71. admin:

    Hi Jordan Myers,

    Finally, someone said something nice about school.

  72. Justice:

    i am 10 i know some of my friends hate school but i do not agree with them. i think school is so cool with out it we would not have invented the light bulb.so every one STOP SAYING SCHOOL IS BAD…..please…..

  73. gabby styles:

    When I was in school I hated it too but now I’m thankfull because now I have a awsome job,what I’ve always wanted to be ,a cheif.

  74. Magdalena:

    Sometimes I don’t like school because I have to wake up at 5:00 in the morning. But just think about it, if we didn’t have school we would be dumb. Wouldn’t you want nice things, and do your career? After your done, you have all the time in the world, trust me it’s worth it.

  75. zaynah:

    my name is zaynah, and i love school, thats coz im in primary school. lots of people hate school , but not me. :)

  76. zaynah:

    i love school!!!!!!!!!!

  77. Amanda Porter:

    school isnt that bad

  78. admin:

    Yes, we need to hear more nice things about school.

  79. Clint:

    i love school

  80. gabby millwood:

    I only luv school cause fo my bf who is sooooooo adorable other than that I semi like school because I’m in 6th and there mean

  81. Private:

    Thankx for inventing school because without school everyone would be dumb.If you wanna txt u have to be able to read rite? how r u if ur dumb.ppl get on fb and instagram and twitter ect.ppl read all that stuff u cant read u you didnt learn at school about anything.So thank u for school cuzz i wanna a big diploma and education.

  82. Justice:

    hello i would like to say school is fun because you get to see friends

  83. J-rod:

    I think that school can be fun and boring at the same time, my favorite subject is gym and resses.

  84. Jamal Williams:

    I lik school tho and as that oter dude said the chicken nugets are good because also I dont also have nothing to eat food at home alls ya goota do is give me chicken nuggets and Ill be good at school Ill get strait as and also a little bit of bs but mostly as so my grd pts avrage will be like the chicken nuggets good rite also I miss recess and ruling the playground becaus I beet the kids up who stole my chicken nuggets because Im a sofmore in high school now and I reeeeely miss the recesses and ruling playgruonds but not as much as I miss the chicken nuggets so furthermore I loce you Horace Mann for inventing chicken nuggets and

  85. admin:

    See, school is great. So, keep those positive comments coming.

  86. Private22:

    Hey let me tell some of you something who hate school your gonna thank school one day because what ever job your planning to achieve is not gonna happen if you don’t wanna do the work at school if you don’t want to go to school your a lame person and your going to be dumb.Let me give you some examples.Ok your going to the store you purchasing something the cashier say’s how much money do u get back u stand their thinking.Let me say something else if your planning to go to college everything you don’t wanna learn at regular school your going to see in college.Education is a big part of your life.And whoever invented school they did it for you.Now don’t like school and don’t come but when you think about it ur going to say i should have went to school

  87. drake:

    so some like school and some don’t we can all hate it at a point and like it at some point but we all need school it can be stressful and hateful but without school were would we be. didn’t albert enstine go not school look wat he did he discoverd and we wounld not have games,tv, computers,ac,fans or basicaly any electronic devices, so u can sometimes be thank ful i hate school alot gustlike how god loves us all >_< . to be it's worth it my dad would not be were he is rigth now,if din't got to school r ;)

  88. drake:

    my friend brian loooooooooooves school admin are u the creator because u alwas have a pasitive answer

  89. Yonathan:

    I love school it is probably one of the best things that happened to me. Even tho i’m not great at doing homework i still like, i remember that i used to say that i hated school in 5th grade but now that i’m in 10th grade i realize how much school has effected me, if i didn’t go to school i would’ve never met my beautiful girlfriend and possibly future and and i would’ve probably still be doing drugs i was messing up my life after my dad died that’s when i stopped caring about everything but than 7th grade i met my girlfriend which i’m still with her in 10th grade and she turned me completely around. That’s why i love school

  90. Yonathan:

    future wife* in my last post sorry

  91. Jordan:

    Well, first of all I dont know why I searched this up, lol. Second of all, I guess school isn’t bad it’s just sitting there and hearing the teacher yapping away is the boring part. And the homework stuff too is boring as well. But I get to talk to friends and the teachers r funny so I guess I kinda like going there ;) and I’ve been thinking about my future about buying a house and stuff so I guess these 24 years of my life will be worth it. Btw I’m 16 lol :)

  92. admin:

    Drake, thanks for the comment. Yonathan, that is a really nice story. So, things are looking really positive now. Anymore good stuff about school?

  93. Gg:

    I love school

  94. Leroy:

    how long was school when it started

  95. yallys:

    i luv school

  96. Danny:

    School is healthy… I guess lol

  97. sam:

    I love school if we did not have school we would not know nature

  98. Andres:

    Dear Admin,
    I want to know why you like school so much. All it does for me is getting me in trouble with my parents. I try my hardest but I can’t bring the grades up. When I bring my report card I always disappoint my parents.

  99. admin:

    Hi Andres,

    If you can’t get your grades up then it could be that you are not good at memorizing stuffs. Memorizing is the cheapest part of the human brain. Creativity is the most expensive part of the human brain. Are you good with your hands or with arts like music of painting? If you are, then you may want to change to focus to arts or even sports. You must be good at something. Your job is to figure it out and do it.

  100. Katelyn k:

    Hey you all.I love school and you should too people stop saying you hate school ok its for you whoever invented it thank u most people dont is not aprreciative and that’s ok admin tell them school is great.yall got the opportunity for somethin great then ur gonna say you hate it lord please be with these children who said they hate school cuzz if i was horrace mann yall wouldnt like me tripple

  101. Jonathan Hoyle:

    Haha…..i read these comments and i laugh so hard! Because almost everyone said they hate school, and almost all of them can’t spell!! Lol

  102. Andres:

    Dear Admin,
    You really inspired me, thank you. I am not that good art or music, but I am a really sporty person. Thank you so much for the advice.

  103. megan:

    school is amzing dont know why put i hate school its fun i mean FUN

  104. Dr. James Garrett:

    It is my perception that ancient Hebrews developed the first schools with curriculum as a means to train their sons regarding their history/lineage. As well, they were instructed in the ways of their God. This is a good thing.

  105. admin:

    Hi Dr. James Garrett,

    I think that falls under informal education, not the one that we are familiar with today.

  106. Malvin:

    Btw I luv the design on this website it’s totes catches the old fashioned theme ;)

  107. Kiwi:

    School is soo Awesome!! even if you hate it, you gotta love it some parts! I mean Wts the fun being at home all day.. thats boring School is not.. All who think school sucks… you suck then lol…

  108. Kiwi:

    Oh and you have to make school fun, you have to pay attention and learn.. if you dont learn then most likely your going to be Dumb no offense… lol i’m just saying i have a friend who hates school and i ask her questions everday and she says idk… Admin these people who hate who just get bored because they dont like to learn or pay attention i mean i had Dislexia… that didnt stop me “\

  109. Kiwi:

    Admin, i dont see why people hate school :\

  110. admin:

    Hi Kiwi,

    I don’t know why some people hate school too but when i was in school, it was awesome. Sure, there were times i would want to avoid it, but overall, i loved it.

  111. byron miler:

    i absolutly love school

  112. Fried chiken:

    hey everyone i love school yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hi admin

  113. Kiwi:

    Hey Admin, thanks for commenting back For a couple of days i thought i would have it give up… :P

  114. Cool:

    School is great!!!!! YAY SCHOOL!!!!!

  115. Cool:

    School is sometimes good sometimes bad but when the bad times come you just have to think about your future and how much your education relys on it you wont get a good job if you dont go to school and no job = no money and no money = no house and what does no house =? no great life.

  116. Natalia:


  117. Kiwi:

    Wow :P Natalia sures must have a awesome life…..

  118. amelia:

    I love school.It’s an educational process we should all love.Without school you’ll be getting a lousy job at a gas station,burger king or a strip club ,etc.I’d like you guys stop writing negative things about school it’s making me get really mad so stop because without school you’d ALL be ignorant.

  119. unknown:

    If no one invented school nothing fun will be invented dug -_-

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