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Who Invented Hot Air Balloons?

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Hot air balloons were some of the earliest forms of man-made flight. Its wind path was far and wide, reaching locations here and abroad of which the likes no one had ever perceived prior. Man has always dream of flying and the use of hot air balloons was the closest thing man could use to get to that point. These balloons were invented in the late 1700′s, by two brothers who shared mankind’s vision.

Joseph and Jacques MontgolfierThe Montgolfier brothers.

Joseph and Jacques Montgolfier

Joseph Montgolfier and his younger bother Jacques, both who worked in the paper industry, would invent and launched the very first hot air balloon on June 4th, 1783 in the City of Annonay, France. They were able to get this thing off the ground with nothing but hot air feeding it and keep it in the air for up to ten minutes long. A few months later, they would test the balloon again and put a duck, a sheep and a rooster in the carrying box of the balloon, and surprisingly they garnered an abundant amount of success.

First public demonstrationFirst public demonstration in Annonay on June 4th, 1783.

More success followed

It wasn’t until October of that year they decided to go the extra mile and employ the aid of human travelers. This would go on to change everything we knew about flight at the time. The first person to take flight in the balloon was a French scientist by the name Jean-Francois Pilartre de Rozier, although he was the first person to ever sit in the cockpit of the balloon. For safety precautions, the balloon was tied down so he wouldn’t fly off somewhere into the abyss of the skies. A month later he would do it again with another man and this time they would travel into the sky reaching a height of about 300 feet.

All of Paris saw it

All of Paris had a view of this balloon as it took flight over the city and this lasted for 25 minutes on November the 21st, 1783. Not long after that flight, hot air ballooning became something of a fun sport. Though not always the most efficient way to travel, it has become one of the most popular tourist activities around, giving people a glimpse of the world they never thought they’d see. Hot air balloons are still very popular today and will remain so for many years to come.

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