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Who Invented Hello Kitty?

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Hello Kitty was created in 1974 by a company in Japan named Sanrio. This is a cartoon kitten that with its best friends, captured millions of viewers worldwide. It was at first, more popular in the United States and then spread as if it were a wildfire among other countries. This was Sanrio’s most lucrative creation. Before long, it was not only on the television but it was on many other products as well. There were pencils and clothing that displayed this character. There were cameras that belonged to this kitty as well.

Yuko ShimizuYuko Shimizu, Japanese designer who actually drew Hello Kitty.

Her name was officially, Kitty White

She was born on 11-01-1974. Her birthplace was in London, England. She lives within a cute little red colored roof, white house. The title of her city is currently not known, but there are about 20,000 other residents in it. You can get to the nameless town by car in approximately 25 minutes. If you take a bus, them it may take you at least 30 minutes to arrive at your destination. Below are a few more facts about her and her preferences.

About Hello Kitty

She has an A blood type and weighs about the same weight as three apples. Her height is about the length of five apples stacked high. She has the astrological sign of Scorpio. Her favorite color in the whole world is red. Her favorite food is of course; her mother’s baked apple pie. But she can also be seen eating candy and different flavored puddings. She loves her school. She excels in English and in Music.

Her hobbies are small things

She loves collecting objects like stars. She also loves to decorate with ribbons and she loves candies of any kind. Her friends will go take her on adventures in the forest and to a park that is close by their homes. She is most recognized by her ribbon that she wears above the left ear. She can be recognized by her small fluffy tail.

She likes all nice boys

She loved Daniel, but he had to move to another continent. She now has a sidekick named Tippy; he is in her class in school. Even though Daniel isn’t around, she still misses his friendship. Her personality is very bubbly and cheerful. She desires to meet all kinds of different people throughout the world.

Musics and sports

She has a desire for the piano and loves to listen and share music with her family and her friends. Hello Kitty does like to play sports with others as well. She is the best with Tennis. She takes a bus school every day with her neighbors. They just live a short distance from the school. But, they ride is always fun. They have to stop a few times, before they reach their school. Their teachers are always there in the morning with smiles on to welcome them all to school.

Millions of fans worldwide

Her aspirations are to become a famous pianist or even maybe write poems. She strives each day to help make those around her as happy as possible. She is real to millions of viewers worldwide. In 20 years, she will most likely be just as popular as she is today.

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