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Who Invented Golf?

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Golf, like many sports, was adapted and changed from other sports that were played earlier in history. Historians have traced the origins of golf back to the 15th century. The game of golf was originally played in Scotland with pebbles and sticks, rather than a golf ball and clubs. There is a lot more to learn about golf that you may or may not already know, and you will find some brief, but interesting information of golf.

Golf ball by Coburn HaskellGolf ball by Coburn Haskell.

Golf balls

Golf balls are an essential item in golf playing. The first golf ball was developed in 1848. Reverend Dr. Adam Paterson used dried sap of the Malaysian sapodilla tree to form the gutta-percha ball that would be used during the game. The golf ball was light in weight, and had the ability to be hit across long distances. Almost fifty years later, Coburn Haskell made golf balls with rubber that was an improvement to Paterson’s golf ball. By 1905, the modern golf ball that is used today was perfected by William Taylor, who added a pattern to the ball that improved the distance the golf ball could travel.

Golf clubs

The person who invented golf clubs is unknown, but they have come a long way from the sticks that the Scots used in the 15th century. Golf clubs had to improve to keep up with the evolution of the golf club because as the golf balls got stronger, the golf clubs needed to get stronger so that they did not break upon impact. Iron eventually became the durable golf club of choice, and the iron club gives the player the ability hit the golf ball with accuracy and strength.

Golf, the game

No one knows for sure who developed the game of golf from its original form from Scotland, but many attribute the improvement of the game to Scottish, again. In 1744, the first set of rules for the game of golf was established so that the game could be played fairly at the first ever golf championship. Since then, the game has only grown in popularity and is played worldwide.