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Who Invented Dynamite?

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A Swedish man is responsible for creating the explosive dynamite. Alfred Bernhard Nobel studied the sciences, especially chemistry, which led him to his discovery. You may recognize Nobel’s name from the dozens of other inventions he is credited with, but more likely because of the Nobel Prize he established. Thanks to his fortunate discoveries, Nobel was able to amass a great fortune, and he used that fortune to create the Nobel Prize to award others who make great contributions to the world. Nobel changed the world by creating dynamite.

Early Life

Alfred Nobel was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1833. He remained in Sweden during his childhood, but he traveled to the United States to attend college. He learned a lot more about chemistry there, and studied with people who greatly influenced him. He returned to Sweden to help with family matters, and it was then that Alfred decided to start studying explosives.


Nobel discovered dynamite while he was working on studies on nitroglycerin. Nobel was able to render the element inert, and because of this he was able to handle the usually unstable element more safely. After months of studies and experiments, Nobel was able to demonstrate dynamite in public. His demonstration was successful, and people began to realize the significance of his discovery. Nobel continued to work on improving the process of making dynamite, and he tried making different compounds to create dynamite. All of his successes enabled him to become a great influence in the scientific community.

The Nobel Prize

If Nobel is recognized for anything more than dynamite, it is surely the Nobel Peace Prize. Because of his huge fortune, he was able to start the Nobel fund. His fund was used to award people in different areas of study and production for their incredible work. Many people believe he did this because he felt bad for all of the destruction that had occurred and would occur because of his discovery of dynamite. Whatever the reasons, Nobel made significant contributions to the world thanks to his discovery and the Nobel Awards that are still given out today.

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