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Who Invented Crayons?

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Crayons have been around longer than any one of us. They are something that adults and kids alike get hours of enjoyment out of. For a time they were the only thing you could use to add color to your drawings if you didn’t want to break out the painting utensils and although it was sometimes difficult to stay inside the lines. They give you a sense of freedom you’ve always wanted when it came down to using these color sticks. But that begs the question: Who invented crayons? Well, we don’t know who specifically, that remains a mystery, but we can give you the origins of its inception.

Edwin Binney (left) and C. Harold Smith (right) invented CrayolaEdwin Binney (left) and C. Harold Smith (right) invented Crayola.

The first crayons

The firs time crayons, or something close to it, would ever be used was in Europe. Who ever invented the crayon may have used a concoction of materials such as charcoal and oil, which created a purely black color. That’s right, the only color back in the old days that crayons had were black, this was obviously due in part to the charcoal.

The oil was dropped from the recipe

As time went on, the development procedure of these crayons would be altered slightly to add more than just a black color. Powdered pigments would be added to the concoction to give each and every crayon a unique color to suit. Eventually the concept of adding oil to the development of crayons was completely dropped from the recipe, which in turn made everything about these crayons loads easier to use and also allowed their color to reflect more.

Started by Edwin Binney and Harold Smith

Eventually, Crayola Crayons would open up as operated by cousins Edwin Binney as well as Harold Smith. That would give birth to the kind of crayon we know of today, and our version of these crayons have only existed for a little over a hundred years. They’re still pretty new to the drawing world over all despite how many times you used them in your childhood. Eventually, they would remove any and all toxic substances used to create the crayons and would invent them in their own way so children could use them without any fear. Crayons remain a high commodity for the lives of children in and out of school.

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