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Who Invented Candy?

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Just like there are many different kinds of candy, there are many different origins and inventors associated with candy. Finding a specific inventor will depend on which type of candy you are interested in learning about. Candy is a sweet and delicious treat, but did you know that even Ancient Egyptians enjoyed a form of candy? Over two thousand years ago, Egyptians enjoyed candy sweets that were made mostly from honey. Other ancient cultures and citizens enjoyed a sweet treat, and since those times, candy has evolved into different forms and kinds.

Candy Form

Candy, in its simplest form, is made from mixing honey, and sugar together. Other additions are made in order to create different kinds of candies, including nuts, cacao, and syrup.

Chocolate, Mints, Gum, and More

A spike in candy development occurred during the 19th century. During this century, Whitman’s chocolate company was established, and they began to produce their famous boxed candies. Wrigley’s Chewing Gum, Tootsie Tools, and Candy Corn were all developed during the 19th century, and became popular staples within the candy world.


Hershey’s chocolate made a huge contribution to the world of candy around 1900. Milton S. Hershey is responsible for having designed the idea for Hershey’s Milk Chocolate, and he developed the famous company that produced the chocolate. Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar quickly became a famous candy bar, and the company became so lucrative that it even owns a famous theme park in near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.


Another famous candy company is the Wonka Candy Company. They are famous for candies such as Nerds, Laffy Taffy, and more. The Wonka Company was featured in the film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and featured the famous Wonka Golden ticket. The candy company still produces candy today, and is responsible for many candy products that are enjoyed by children and adults all over the world. There are many more kinds of candy that you are probably able to identify, including Reese’s Pieces, Three Musketeer Bars, and Milky Way Candy bars (and these are just a few more of the millions of kinds). Candy has a long history in our world, and it will certainly be interesting to see what the candy industry comes up with in the future!

Famous candies

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